Large attachment (20mb+) Timeout - A Workaround

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So' I've notice that when I try to move multiple large attachments (between 15mb+ and 33mb [34mb+ shows TOOBIG message]) from local folder to inbox, I get a timeout error. I've tried increasing that timeout value in Config, but it has not helped. Turning off anti-virus has not helped.

What I did notice is that if I move each 15mb email via drag and drop from the local folder to an inbox, it works. So instead of me having to do this for all 500 emails, is there a way to tell Thunderbird to move one email, then pause for a bit, then move another email, then pause, then move another email?



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Are you moving it to a POP or IMAP account? If you are moving it to a POP account you are essentially just copying files within the profile on your hard disk, and should not run into timeouts unless your hard disk has problems. If you are moving them to a IMAP account you are uploading them over the Internet to a remote folder on the server. Big difference.

Is it a Gmail account? Gmail imposes undocumented hourly/daily bandwidth limits, which will add more complications.

If its a IMAP account it might be easier to use a utility such as IMAPSize to move the messages instead, if you keep getting timeouts. See . It knows how to upload mbox files to a IMAP server. Your mail folders are stored as mbox files by default. Mbox files are named after the folder, but have no file extension. "inbox." is a mbox file that contains the messages for the inbox folder. "inbox.msf" is basically just a cache of the folder listing. It has no messages and can be ignored. "inbox.sbd" is just a renamed directory used to help organize mail folders into a hierarchy. Help -> troubleshooting information -> show folder will open windows explorer at your profile.

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tanstaafl, thank you for the response. It's funny that this morning I very smoothly transferred all those large attachments except the few that are 34mb and over (for which I get TOOLARGE message).

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