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Our family has 4 accounts on Thunderbird. However, one hotmail account has stopped working. On my phone it works OK. In desperation I have had to install Opera. That works perfectly with this account. But I do not want 2 different email accounts. Can anyone help with this please?



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viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3028785 is a long thread about problems with outlook accounts. If you jump to the last two pages of it you'll notice some users have suddenly run into problems with hotmail/outlook IMAP accounts and have tried different servers ( and, while others have no problems. In some cases they have multiple outlook accounts, and only some of them fail.

One potential workaround if you have a Gmail IMAP account is to log into gmail webmail with a browser and configure it to automatically fetch and merge mail from your hotmail POP account into the gmail inbox. Thunderbird doesn't care how the messages got into the inbox or that they were sent to multiple email addresses. ... ktop&hl=en

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