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I have several email folders which have subfolders and some subfolders which also have subfolders. In Seamonkey, the number of emails shown was what was only in the listed/shown folder, even if the tree was collapsed. In TB 52.4, if I expand the folder tree, I see each folder total, but, if I collapse the tree, the total shown is the total of all folders in the tree. I only want to see the total for the folder shown. How?
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I'm not aware of a way to do that using view -> folders -> all. I tried using 52.4.0 (latest release).

However, you could create a virtual folder per that specifies just that folder in its search parameters. That should work as the virtual folder has no child folders, but is impractical if you want to do that for more than a very few folders.

Another workaround would be to specify the folders as favorite folders and switch to view -> folders -> favorites. That seems to work okay when I try it but its awkward as they got rid of the horizontal arrows at the top of the folder pane to quickly cycle between the different view-> folder settings. You could use ALT+V+F+F and ALT+V+F+A keyboard shortcuts instead.

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