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Reflective wrote:

I managed to get an older version of NS Plus working by uninstalling the latest incarnation of it which is 61.3 and then restarting FF. Then I reinstalled v54 which didn't work followed by v56 which also failed, but v56.1 seems to have restored it to its former glory again although it's still missing in the context menu. Still, the menu is movable and the settings remain in place after being saved. How long it'll last though is anybody's guess.

I'm having my own problems with NS+. Full Zoom is working, thank goodness, but Text zoom works only partially: you can move the slider and the text size changes but only so far. As to how long it will last, one guy in the reviews claims there is a "time bomb" in the old versions. In other words, if you install an old version, NS+ will update automatically after a couple of days and you'll be stuck with a partially working version again. This has in fact happened to me, and I've found it handy to bookmark the page with the old versions...which I've had to use often lately, unfortunately: ... /versions/

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wallythekat wrote:Zoom Page WE Can you change background colors, text size and color of individual web pages. Or should I wait for Nov 14 to make a decision?

Tune in next week to get the next thrilling update on 'Will Walt Try a New Firefox Extension?'
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It's finally happened. Today, when NS+ automatically updated, I went to the page linked to above to install an older version. NS+ v56 no longer exists. I fooled around with a few of the other old versions but none of them act like they used to. Unfortunately, the new version's Text Zoom does not work at all. At least Full Zoom works -- if a bit weirdly compared to the old versions -- so I'm not forced to squint at everything. And NS+ no longer shows up as "legacy" in my add-on list, so I assume I'm in full webextension mode, at least for NS+. I'll gamely soldier on and try to get used to it. Embrace change, isn't that what they say?

I'll be the guy in the corner, fretting about the possible demise of TabMixPlus.

Edit: Huh. Text Zoom does work on some pages, including this one. But it does not work on Gmail or on

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