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I cannot print/save PDF or save HTML files from FF version 56.0.2 (64 bit) if I select any folder assigned with "Controlled Folder Access" in Virus & threat protection settings of Windows Defender Security Center. I use Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 (64 bit). When I try to save the file and give it a name, FF tells me it cannot find the file, as if it assumes that I am trying to open an existing file instead of saving a new one.

However, I can save these files to another folder, one that is not set with Controlled Folder Access. In addition, this problem does not occur when I use the Edge browser doing the same function into the protected folders, only with Firefox.

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welcome to the real world of "controlled folder access". it has bugs, serious bugs - and it is recommende to turn this feature off. tehre exist lots of disccssions in decent security forums and always the same result: turn it off.


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Follow instructions on the following site to allow access through a protected folder: ... -now-live/

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Thanks for that pointer. Whitelisting Firefox worked perfectly, and it is understandable that MS did not presume to include arbitrary programs in the existing default whitelist. I see now that the protected folder access functionality works nicely as an easily configurable ACL of sorts.

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