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I am using Thunderbird 52.2.1 with Lightning calendar.
Recently, every time I open T-Bird a box pops up asking me to login to Google calendar. I have never linked calendars nor have I changed any settings. Can anyone shed any light on why this has suddenly started happening and how I can stop it please.

Thank you


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Two ideas come to mind :

1. You either received or accepted an appointment made through Google Calendar. It could come from your friend or from some automated system that sends you a confirmation for a meeting, a concert that you will attend, a hotel room you have reserved, etc. If the appointment is made through the Google Calendar system and your email is either at Gmail or on a domain administered by Gmail, then Google will request that you login to add the event on your Google Calendar. It will insist on adding it to your Google Calendar even if you have added it on your local calendar.

2. [b]You recently installed "gContactSync"
If you have attached a series of Google Contacts, it opens it through Gmail. And if you have not yet attached a Google Contact folder, it will ask you to configure your first set of contacts.
Michel Gagnon

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Thank you for your ideas mgagnonlv, but...

1. I do not use Google Calendar at all.

2. I have checked Thunderbird Addons and "gContactSync" is not there.

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Thanks for your reply. Could you have received a calendar request from someone else? Do you have an address

For instance, if I send you an invite from my Gmail domain to you, Google will ask you to log in to place it as a tentative item on your calendar. This is the case whether I send the invite at "you at" or at "you at" assuming in the latter case that you have linked it to a gmail account you own. And assuming you have a Gmail account (private or corporate), this will happen even if you don't use Google Calendar, because Google automatically assumes you are using Calendar the moment you open an account on Google.

The other remote possibility I see is that someone has sent you some junk mail that includes an invitation to reply to, in which case Google asks you to open that phony address! There was a time when I received automatic appointments for hotel rooms that I had not paid for. It turned out that one hotel chain had mistyped the email address of one of their regular customers, so each time he reserved a room, I received confirmation (but no invoice, fortunately!)

How to solve the problem (apart from actually logging in to the account you don't use and which could even be non-existent)

The answer is basically to find the offending message and delete it.

I would first suggest you empty your junk and trash, then quit and restart Thunderbird to see if the problem was there. If not, check in your "Inbox" and in your "Sent messages" to see which message has an attachment like "meeting.ics" in it. Delete the offending message(s) and empty the trash.

Good luck!
Michel Gagnon

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