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I'm digging this new edition of Firefox. Not just because it feels better, as far as speed goes. But the features replace and fix what has been wrong with Firefox for the longest time. And I don't mind saying I absolutely hate standard Firefox. You can open that thing and let it sit idly by and watch it get bloated for nothing. Even a brand new stripped down installation. It looks as though the Developer Edition operates similar to Chrome. Running numerous smaller processes separately, which would run far more efficiently.

But there's a snag that cannot be ignored here. I also notice that even when you close tabs, processes are still running in the background. For instance, when I go to a Youtube video and let it begin to buffer, then close the tab. Firefox is still using the bandwidth of my data connection. Even though I closed the tab. I go into Task Manager (Windows 7) and start killing firefox.exe processes and notice it lets go of my data. Of course, it also shows a message in the browser that my tabs crashed. So the browser is holding these processes after the tabs are closed. I don't dig that at all.

Where I come from, if I close a tab, I want it DEAD. PERIOD. If I click the BACK button while a page is loading, I want that page DESTROYED QUICKLY and go BACK. When I tell Firefox to STOP, I want it to STOP EVERYTHING. I have yet to find a browser that will do that.


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Stop using all caps. Nobody here needs yelling at
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Being the developer edition it could be just sending data back to Mozilla for analysis purposes.
Does it stop after a while?

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Sounds like you've been out of the loop a while. Here's the scoop:

Background Connections:

1. If Telemetry is enabled, its going to periodically report back anonymized data to Mozilla.

2. If Safe Browsing is enabled, it will download updated blocklists.

3. If you have Addons, Firefox will periodically check for updates.

4. Firefox WILL update internal plugins when available like for example Wildvine DRM decoders or WebRTC codecs automatically.

5. Firefox will occasionally check for app updates unless you turn off updates.

6. If Firefox SYNC is enabled, it will sync data to Mozilla.


1. Firefox is now multi-process. It WILL open more than one process for various functions. Firefox 57 will use 4 content processes, A main process, WebExtensions process and Graphics process.

2. Firefox will not close any other process than content processes. Others will remain running until you close the browser.

3. Firefox will not instantly kill content processes but if its not fast enough, your machine might just be slow. If the stream is still running 30 seconds after closing the tab then some other issue is affecting the process like a bad addon for example.

4. Firefox will not always completely destroy a page when you go back due to having a session system. It has never worked the way you describe unless the page is configured to destroy on back/forward. All browsers have a form of session system. Using Private Browsing will destroy pages upon closing the window.

I have not seen the "constantly growing" issue described. Automated functions may allocate memory. But never infinitely growing.
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Being the developer edition

is for development - its like beta but dont need extension signing. no fortune for regular users. no further known differences to beta.

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