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Post Posted November 14th, 2017, 10:02 am

fsinclaire wrote:Gingerbread Man - Do I understand you correctly that the add-on "Cookie AutoDelete" is not necessary for what I want to do, and that by following your five steps, at quitting Firefox will KEEP cookies from the websites I have added to the list at Preferences>Privacy & Security>History>Exceptions, and will delete all other cookies (all cookies from websites NOT on the Exceptions list)?

Yes. "Keep until: I close Firefox" deletes cookies on exit. "Allow" exceptions override that global setting, keeping the respective cookies indefinitely.

Edit: Please note that due to bug 1406675, for the time being you also need to create Allow exceptions for most add-ons that need to store data. What you enter for "Address of website" is moz-extension://Internal UUID. Each add-on's internal UUID is different for each Firefox profile; to find it, enter about:debugging into the location bar.

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