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The filters I created exist as they do run and are shown in the file "msgFilterRules.dat". When I open them via the menu Tools/Message Filters, they are listed but when each is opened they show nothing exists: The lines for the rules exist but no data appears, nothing shows under the drop down 'down arrow' (I can click on them but they do not open), and under 'Perform these actions': the instruction exists but no Folders exist - also blank. Further, I cannot change Filters nor add a new one - including the bullets on 'Match all of...' do not respond. Also, Oddly it takes some time for Filters to open up, the CPU cycles the PC is doing a lot of work to do an easy thing.

Note they also show as being run in the Filter Log.

I tried this in safe mode, same problem. Running Windows 10, latest updates.

Any ideas?




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