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Feature-list below ordered from least to most important.

3) Popup/dropdown menus (of bookmarks toolbar) should preferably be themed for better consistency with the rest of firefox. I'm thinking of the popups of global menu, "More tools..." menu, history menu, and the extension popups. In contrast, the bookmarks toolbar seems to be using the native OS menu API which creates this inconsistency.

2) Users should be able to middle click (and additionally, right click and pick relevant menu item) and open any bookmark in background tab rather than in foreground tab, while the menu should remain open so user can open multiple tabs quickly this way. Using opera's speed dial since time immemorial and having used the "Super Start" speed dial extension until my firefox upgrade to v57 broke (disabled) the incompatible extension, instead of installing another one I just thought of exploring the bookmarks toolbar as speedier and more comfortable alternative (since it's always accessible above the page document regardless tab content). And it can be if this list item is considered and implemented.

1) The "customize" feature allows users to add/remove various elements to/from firefox GUI. I'm thinking about things like the spacer, which leads me to think of other more useful stuff like a cycler/enumerator/iterator element (call it what you wish), which I'll describe. This "cycler" is a form of container/group, but only shows one (1) of any possible number of elements that it can contain, at any single point in time. The benefit is to save space. The reason I stayed away from the bookmarks toolbar for so long is that I really don't want to clutter GUI and make the document viewport smaller. With a cycler I would be able to cycle between the address bar AND bookmarks toolbar depending of need. Since I don't need to have the address bar visible at all times, and dedicate it's occupied space to the bookmarks toolbar most of the time, I would enjoy a more compact GUI and taller viewport.

Thank you for reading.

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