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:? I am running Thunderbird on my iMac as and my android phone currently with no problems. I am trying to install on a macbook pro downloaded the same version (current) but after normal installation I get "The current operation on 'inbox' did not succeed. The mail server of account Tim..." I have compared the setting in the iMac to the new MacBook and they are the same. Any suggestions?
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I've seen that error message with a couple of IMAP accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook and Comcast (always a temporary problem that the server admin eventually fixes), but never with Gmail.

I suggest you compare the settings in tools -> account settings -> Gmail -> server settings -> advanced too. That specifies things such as what namespace to use, and what the IMAP server directory is. I always set the latter to [Gmail] to make the folder hierarchy in the folder pane more sensible.

Another possibility is that the Gmail IMAP account settings are the same on both machines, but "Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP ->Enable IMAP" might not have been set in the second google account using a browser. I found one example of that at

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Thank you for the response. It does appear to have been temporary as of this morning all work.

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I keep all my texts from the people I regularly text and I was going back on a convo and wanted to see something they texted me a month ago, but i was scrolling up like I normally do, and it stopped at a certain point and wouldn't load anymore.Now I know I didn't delete the texts before that point, and I tried with other people and it's letting me go back up to a year. I tried force closing the Messages app and restarting my phone and nothing.
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zamakli, are you referring to emails or text messages, because this topic concerned the former and doesn't have anything to do with SMS messages (texts) sent from a phone.

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