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Post Posted December 20th, 2017, 5:23 am

Hi all,
First of all thank you for providing the information needed for applying styles in FF57. For some reason none of my old visual styles were working any more on the new version of Stylish for Quantum, so the "userChrome.css" file solution is great for me.
For the ones looking to get more space on the bookmarks toolbar by removing the labels, I'm posting bellow the script I've been using since Firefox 4 that has similar effect to the old "Smart Bookmarks" or "Roomy Bookmarks" addons: the labels are hidden until you hover over the icon, moment when the label only for that icon is shown. You also have some padding adjustments.

Code: Select all
@namespace url(;

#PersonalToolbar .bookmark-item:not(.menu-iconic):not(menuitem) {max-width: 22px !important;}

#PersonalToolbar .bookmark-item:hover:not(.menu-iconic):not(menuitem) {max-width: none !important;}

#PersonalToolbar {margin: -2px 0 -1px 0px !important;}

#PersonalToolbar  image {margin: -1px !important;}

Hope this is helpfull for some of you. It's a style combination developed with the help of one of this forum member some time ago.
One question though: any idea how I can increase the padding between the icon and label when hovering without affecting the general padding between the icons?

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