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Post Posted November 10th, 2015, 6:10 pm

I have W10 pro (64-bit) and FF 42 (64-bit) . Can somebody show me how to move browser cache to Ramdisk for security reason . I had good experience in W7 but I can not find Browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in W10

and FF42 or any FF


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Locations will be shown by typing about:cache in the nav text field.
You should be able to copy to the ram disk from the given location with admin privilege as long as the ram disk has a proper designation.
However your copied information will only be available if the system doesn't dump the ram disk during a re-boot or shutdown.
Even if the system is configured to start the ram disk on initiation after reboot the disk will be empty except for basic parameters.
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Post Posted December 21st, 2017, 2:52 pm

lam9999 wrote:I have W10 pro (64-bit) and FF 42 (64-bit) . Can somebody show me how to move browser cache to Ramdisk for security reason . I had good experience in W7 but I can not find Browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in W10

If the preference browser.cache.disk.parent_directory is not already in about:config then you need to create it and set the path yourself to do this do the following:

(1) Go into about:config and search for the term browser.cache This will reduce the number of preferences on display so that you can more easily work there.

(2) In a blank area of the page right-click and select New > String

(3) In the dialogue that opens type in the preference name browser.cache.disk.parent_directory then click the okay button.

(4) Next you will be asked enter the preference string value. For that type in W:\\FIREFOX\\ (where W:\\ is the label of your ramdisk - adjust to suit your own setup). Note that the double backslashes are necessary. You do not need to enter any other path data e.g. you do not need to specify the cache folder - Firefox will create it automatically in the ramdisk when Firefox is launched. Likewise you do not have to have the folder FIREFOX already in the ramdisk - Firefox will create it automatically when launched.

For other considerations for using Firefox with a ramdisk (which I do myself) you will find the following thread worth reading: [SOLVED] Force Folder "mozilla-temp-files" to a Ramdisk? I have used the tips found in that thread for getting TEMP/TMP files written to a ramdisk for multiple programs - so it's worth reading the whole thread to understand how to do this via launching files via a batch file and forcing their temp files to go to the ramdisk.

Lastly, I don't know what ramdisk software you are using but you can get a freeware version of a pretty sophisticated ramdisk here: SoftPerfect Ramdisk. I have used that software for years on Win7 and Win8 systems and found it rock solid. I know it to work on Win10 also. If you want the latest version of that ramdisk - no longer freeware - then I can found here at a reasonable price:

Hope this helps. Nice to see someone else that appreciates ramdisks. :)

P.S. Don't forget to check/set the value for browser.cache.disk.capacity to a value that your ramdisk can handle. Personally, I use a large ramdisk all the time so just leave this preference at its default value, for my system, of 358400 KB (= 350 MB). But if you're running a small ramdisk you might want to cut-down whatever the default is for your own system to suit the size of the ramdisk you are using. Whatever value you enter it should be in Kilobytes (KB). 1024 KB = 1.0 Megabytes. 1024 MB = 1.0 Gigabytes. To change the value just right-click on the preference and select Modify.
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BuddhaNature, that's probably good information but it perhaps a bit late to be helpful to the OP as this thread died out two years ago.

Locking due to the age of the original posts.

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