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Thunderbird with latest updates on a Win 10 machine (laptop) does not connect to addresses nor addresses nor addresses on rural ISP connection that throttles uploads to less than 1 Mbps.

When I delete messages say 10 from one email account and then move to another inbox it selects the correct message to display in the window but then starts displaying the deleted messages one at a time from the previous mailbox. Why is this so?

Also when I just leave thunderbird open and the laptop idle for say a lunch break there is some sort of memory leak that occurs and freezes the entire PC so no usb devices can be accessed and kybd ctrl-alt-del will not work to access task manager. Requires a Hard Power dirty shutdown to clear from the freeze. It does not occur when Firefox, RSSOwl and notepad are open and idle for similar periods of time just when Thunderbird is open and in what I assume is an idle state but apparently it is not as it seems something runs away and uses up all memory . not great performance

4GB RAM i5 CPU hp machine windows 10 full updates


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What is the full text of the error message?

I'm using Windows 10 x64 (version 1709 according to WinVer) with Thunderbird 52.5.2 with a IMAP account. It works fine. I have a 25Mbs/3Mbs cable connection but I'd expect that account to work fine even with DSL.

Is your connection problem fetching/checking new mail using a Hotmail/Outlook account (what I assumed) or trying to send a message to recipients that have Hotmail/Outlook email addresses using a non-Microsoft account?

See if your problems are due to a add-on (extension or theme) that no longer works correctly with the latest version of Thunderbird by using "help -> restart with add-ons disabled". I'd also check that you are using the latest graphics drivers, you can't always rely upon Windows Update to keep that current.

When you leave the laptop idle for lunch does it go to sleep ? The reason I ask is if your laptop doesn't use UEFI some PCs have ACPI bugs in their BIOS that can cause hangs when they try to sleep. The normal workaround is to change the power management settings to use hibernate instead of sleep. You could also experiment with changing the settings for the network adapter in the device manager not to power off when the laptop goes to sleep. Sometimes powering off the network adapter causes problems for applications or windows itself.

You could try using the laptop at a library or some other place that offers free WiFi to see if your ISP might be the reason you can't connect.

If none of this helps I suggest you add a Gmail IMAP account and see if it has the same problem. I'm not suggesting you switch accounts, its just useful to see if a problem is email provider specific when troubleshooting. You could also try installing a non-Microsoft email client such as "em client" and see if it has the same problem. I sometimes use "em client" to help troubleshoot whether Thunderbird is at fault or not. ... twork-card

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