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Hi all

I'm having an issue with FF 58.0 on Linux-Mint 18.2.

I can't seem to make printing duplex the default configuration. I can (and do) set it for individual print jobs, but if I forget, with the increasing length of web pages these days, ii can get to the printer and find a mountain of paper waiting.

The OS setting for the printer is duplex (long-side) and print.print_duplex in about:config is set to 1, which I understand is the duplex (long side) setting. I've tried setting it back to ), restarting and resetting it to 1, but that hasn't changed anything.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.
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Try changing the setting to zero but check the properties and default setting for the printer in the system controls?
See if the printer is set to default for longside (standard) in most cases.
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Doesn't directly deal with your query but I used Linux Mint a few years ago for a couple of years. Found the program Boomaga very useful for dealing with duplex/non-duplex printing. Links as follows:

GitHub - Boomaga
Install Boomaga in Linux Mint or Ubuntu
Things To Do After Installing Boomaga
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