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Hi Everyone,
I'm having a problem saving my setup for Firefox 57.0.4. I have my homepage set as the Mozilla Firefox Startup Page, Pocket enabled, and Horizontal Wood theme. Every time I close the browser and reopen, the startup page changes to Google, Pocket is disabled, and the theme changes to Dark Theme. All my toolbar settings and configurations remain unchanged. I have unchecked the Clear History box in options, closed the browser and reopened. The same thing happened. It is getting old having to go to about:config and set the pocket option to true every time. Along with resetting the homepage options and themes. I would appreciate any solutions, suggestions, links, etc. Thanks to everyone for replying!


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What security software are you using on that system? It sounds as though something on your system is blocking Firefox from saving those changes.


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What does your desktop shortcut show?

You should be on FF 58, not 57.
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broken profile, create a new one ... nformation

create a new profile ... on_Windows

This article explains how to selectively transfer Firefox user data and settings to a new Firefox profile ... _-_Firefox

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