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Hi, I am new to no scripts extension and i was wondering how to not allow scripts to run on certain sites plz?



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NoScript, as the name suggests, blocks all scripts except those specifically permitted by the user. A site dependent on scripts will appear "wrong" when it first displays with noScript active: videos may not play, comment sections may not be displayed, etc. At which point the user can enable script through the extension, one by one or several at a time, until things work as they are expected to.


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If you know the url of the site, should show in the navigation block or when passing over a link at the bottom of the window.
You can click on the "Options" Icon ( you can find this by passing the mouse cursor over the icons which show when you click on the NoScript Icon in your toolbar.)
On the options page is a section called "Site Permissions" and a text entry area. Type or paste the url in there.
There will be a bunch of options along the top of the page you can select or you can use the default ones by closing the page.
If you wish to untrust the url open the options page again and go to the url you just added and click on the untrust S .
There's also a custom button which works with the row of check blocks allowing you to make a more detailed setup.

These instructions are for 58 and beyond. Sorry, didn't see the 56 in the UAS.
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Where can i get a copy of no script for ff56 plz?

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tonino2424 wrote:Where can i get a copy of no script for ff56 plz? ... ns/


Scroll down until you see: You can still download NoScript "Classic" ( for Firefox 52 ESR here: it will be updated until June 2018, when ESR and the Tor Browser based on it will switch to 59.
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For NoScript (old version), the easiest way I found to use it is simply hover/click the mouse on the "S" at the end of your adress bar.

At or near the top you will see the site address, just click on that and allow it. If some parts of the web page still don't work, near the bottom of the list you will see: Temporarily Allow All This Page, just click on that. Once you leave that web page, NoScript will always remember to allow that website, but will not remember to Temporarily All This Page.

NEVER click on Allow All Scripts Globally.
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