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Post Posted March 4th, 2018, 12:32 pm

I have a setup on a dual boot computer where I use the same seamonkey profiles for installations on both opensuse linux and windows xp. Seamonkey is installed in both operating systems but both installations point to the same profile directories. This generally works well but when I reboot and change from one OS to another, all of the browser plug-ins have been disabled. I have to manually enable the plug-ins which usually means a restart of seamonkey.

Recently, I have had a strange problem where noscript has been permanently disabled in one of the account under linux. The add-on manager says that noscript is incompatible with seamonkey 2.4 and so it has been disabled. Noscript is enabled and works perfectly fine in another profile on the same linux install and it works perfectly fine in both profiles under windows.

I'm not sure why seamonkey says noscript is not compatible when it is running in three out of four situations where I am using it.

Any suggestions on what the problem is or how to fix it?

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What version of NoScript? says, "<em:minVersion>2.42</em:minVersion>".

Also, extensions.ini & extensions.json store OS specific paths & I gather that is the reason for your reinstall prompts?
Perhaps run a script to rename those two files with appropriate copies of same for each OS prior to running SeaMonkey.
See if that accomplishes anything?

(And that said, why SeaMonkey 2.40 rather then 2.82?)
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> (And that said, why SeaMonkey 2.40 rather then 2.82?)

You probably mean 2.49.2.

In any case this isn't a supported configuration so might work or might now.


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