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My menu for Firefox has disappeared. How do I get it back? (I can't tell you what version I'm using since that info is stored in the menu under About.)

Regarding the problem I have with New Tab Page:
Frank Lion wants to know how many more times I'm going to ask the same question about new tabs? As long as I keep getting answers that don't solve the problem.
For instance, on the following post:
DanRaisch replied "See if this support article is helpful: ... w-tab-page"
That link takes me to an article "Blank New Tab Page", which starts off "Click the cogwheel at the top right corner of the New Tab page", except that there is no cogwheel anywhere on the page.

On the next post viewtopic.php?p=14773454#p14773454
DanRaisch answered "Try navigating to your desired home page. Then use menu path Tools->Options->General->When Firefox starts->select "Show your home page"->and also click on the button "Use current pages". Another dead end, since I don;t have a menu.

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My new tab page has a cogwheel on the top right. If you post a screenshot of your new tab page without one, then people will believe you. I don't know how that will progress otherwise. If you don't like the answers here you can always try

The Firefox full menu bar is usually hidden by default. However, the "three lines" or hamburger button should always be there. If you click the hamburger, options should be there (although tools is not). After that the rest should all be the same.

Pressing the alt key should show the menu bar for a moment until you click something. It is possible to show the menu bar permanently- right click on various things near the top of the screen, especially things like the refresh button or home button. That will show a menu that has menu bar, bookmarks toolbar, and customize. Click on menu bar and the menu bar will always be shown.


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allande wrote:I don't know how that will progress otherwise. If you don't like the answers here you can always try

However if you do post on then they prefer you cretae only one thread for the subject as duplicates will very likely get locked with link to original.
Posting support requests
Create one thread and only one thread for each subject you need help with.

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coolmanoh wrote:Then use menu path Tools->Options […] Another dead end, since I don;t have a menu.

The menu is the rightmost button on the navigation toolbar, which looks like 3 horizontal lines: ≡
No way to remove that button is provided, so if it's somehow missing for you, I suggest you use the refresh Firefox feature to start over:

It is however normal for the menu bar (where the Tools menu is) to be hidden by default on Windows. You can show it temporarily by pressing Alt on your keyboard. To always show it, right-click somewhere on the right side of the navigation toolbar, then click "Menu Bar" from the menu that pops up.

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