Firefox won't open local html files on Android tablet

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I have a webpage that lists a BUNCH of my favorite links from over the years. I want to use it as my homepage. On my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, it's on my SD card. But there's no way to open it in Firefox. When I type (or paste) the complete link (file:///SD card/...etc...) FF can't find the file. The space is replaced by "%20", making "file://SD%20card/...etc...". Another link like this: "file:///2054-C214/MyDir/Links.htm" gives the same result (but no spaces, so no %20).

I just installed the release version of FF from the Play Store yesterday.

If I launch My Files (file manager), and navigate to the file, then tap it, I am not presented with FF as one of the options (and now it just opens in Samsung's browser all the time, since I chose "Internet").
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1) Go into Settings | Apps, tap Firefox and allow storage access under permissions
2) Set Firefox as the default browser
3) Create a shortcut on the home screen
4) Tap that shortcut
5) it will open in Firefox- copy the address by long pressing the address
6) Go into FF settings and make it the homepage by pasting it into the custom address field

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Firefox can navigate the local file system
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will work. Inserting a space
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file:///SD card/
will not work as there is no folder called that on the Android filesystem.

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