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years ago, I had an extension that would show the favicons when I visited sites, and also on my bookmarks. I want to have that again, so I need an extension that is compatible with FF Quantum. I'm having trouble finding one. Everything I find only shows them in search engines, or some other unique situations, or is not compatible with Quantum, or some other problem. What I want is pretty simple I think. I don't know why I need an extension for this in the first place, this should be built in.

Can anyone recommend one?



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Firefox has saved favicons for bookmarks since Firefox 0.9 back in 2004, but the "save" is done the first time that each bookmark is used not when the bookmark is saved. The exception being when a bookmark is saved via dragging the tab to the Bookmarks Toolbar or into the bookmarks drop-down menu rather than thru toolbar buttons or menu items.

Occasionally a favicon just won't get saved usually due to the format of the image or placement of the image in an arcane location; then an add-on was helpful - but those add-ons were legacy extensions.

This - ... ustomizer/ - is the only WeExtension for adding a favicon that I am aware of being available for Quantum.

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