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Post Posted May 12th, 2018, 1:18 am

Firefox is configured to restore old tabs. I tried several VPN addons and all fall in two categories: they either don't start automatically with Firefox and have to be turned on manually every time or they do start automatically but take some time to connect which creates all sorts of issues on tabs being restored. Is there a VPN addon which activates automatically on Firefox startup before Firefox starts restoring tabs and suspends all network activities until VPN is connected?

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I tried several VPN addons

those are?
windscribe cant do this for you, i think, there will be none this way round.

this is similar to ublock when reloading a session - ublock wont filter. i am not sure if solved as i am not concerned.

best way could be using vpn as proxy service on your system and insert proxy adress into firefox (browser)

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