Is this is a Bug or somthing else ?

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Post Posted May 28th, 2018, 12:05 am

i am a firefox user and i am very used to it, from few days i am facing some kind of trouble while opening links, here i am going to explain you guys.

eg: if you open, than all of sudden whole firefox goes down, when i open it again all tabs are still there along with again if i click on this site tab same process occurs.
Than i open my VMware in which i have ubuntu 18.04 in which firefox is default browser, than again i open 1 tab of some random site ( and on 2nd tab, than there is no issue while opening it in ubuntu.
can anyone explain me, is there any thing wrong with my Windows or its in Firefox ?
if you folks wants to see a video in which i am facing this trouble, i can do that too..

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provide some information please (text, not raw) ... ix-firefox

test firefox in safe-mode please: ... -safe-mode

Viewing crash reports: To view your crash reports from within Firefox: ... sh-reports
Submit a link, looks like this
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