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Shows Reddit stats on the bottom right of every webpage showing how many Reddit up-votes that that webpage has received (if any). The stats bar won't show on Reddit's own webpages.

This extension is not affiliated with Reddit.

  • The left number is the number of up-votes for that webpage, the right number is the number of user comments.
  • By default, the subreddit name is shown in the stats bar and can be changed to show the age of the post.
  • For your privacy, the "query" part of the URL is not sent to Reddit. i.e. the part after the "?" and "#". For example, if the URL is "", the "q=hello" part is not sent to Reddit.
  • Clicking on the link in the stats bar will load the corresponding Reddit page.
  • Clicking elsewhere on the stats bar will hide it.


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Hi, the ext. not working. Do you know why ?

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