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Normally, when I start to type an address into the address bar, it would autocomplete with the website I most visit that starts with that letter. I had some problems with firefox and had to change versions. Now, when I put in a letter, sometimes it fills in and highlights the address I want so that I'll type in the letter, it will autocomplete and highlight the address, and all I have to do is hit enter and it will take me to the website.

It gets really annoying that it doesn't work for all websites anymore. For example, I'll put in li. It's supposed to autocomplete to, the site that I want to go to. But, me being used to it working properly, I'll put in li and hit return. Except that it doesn't autocomplete and highlight the address. Hitting enter just does a google search for li, instead.

I don't know why it works for some webpages,, or example, and not work for others. Any ideas ?
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Mmm, toast.

People have reported a mix of results. For some people, go doesn't invoke Google, but for others it does.

redd for some reason doesn't match Reddit for me. ??

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