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Hi, all. For those kind enough to have followed my problem with a Firefox update the other, I've uninstalled completely and reinstalled from scratch. No issues yet, but I'm taking things one step at a time, to verify after each change that I haven't brought back the problem. I'll elaborate in a reply to myself.

Question, though, I had Google as my home page but opened with a blank page. (The distinction was a nice plus of Firefox from the start.) I don't see that option now, only to choose one thing for home and new window, another for new tab. Not that it's all that important, but does the option still exist? Thanks.

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FYI, just to elaborate on what I did. I uninstalled Firefox and manually deleted the existing profile, then downloaded and reinstalled. I tried Firefox then and indeed after each subsequent modification, in case the problem reoccurred so that I could pinpoint the conflict. Fine so far.

After trying it out, I used Tools Options for some customization rather than copying backed up files onto the profile. Similarly, I imported bookmarks (in Show All Bookmarks, Import) from html rather than copying places.sqlite. I didn't even try to import cookie behavior. So far everything went fine.

I was more cautious about add-ons and here, too, took them one by one with testing. I again added UBlock Origin, Clear Flash Cookies, and LastPass (in that order) and logged into the last name's "vault" to recover passwords. All fine. I have not re-added YesScript or Disable HTML5 Autoplay, and I won't unless Web sites I often use get out of hand. (It may yet happen again as they try to raise money.) But again so far so good.

My only other immediate concerns are the one-by-one resizing of commonly used Web pages and, one by one, not having Firefox save passwords where LastPass does.

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To set a homepage, but only open it with home key or button, and not as the start page or page shown on new windows:
Set as shown here to 0 to get a blank page
Set browser.startup.homepage to the homepage you prefer

I don't know anything about password saving or Lastpass.

Pages will remember your zoom level as you visit them and change them. However, if all pages are for example too small and you want all of them changed at once - this will tell you how to change layout.css.devPixelsPerPx It changes everything, the UI also - so if you don't want to change the size of UI elements also don't do it. It can shrink or enlarge. Another option is ... m-page-we/

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