Cant login to router.

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Simmons Co began to participate in the mattress market through a joint venture with United Sleep Products. Many Kymdan mattresses have produced the merger of Simmons in the area welcomed by the VAFC because it helped to bring brand recognition to this category of consumers. Simmons's Mattress mattress, which has the pocketed coil structure of Simmons with the frame and the brand-cover Simmons is also available. They are manufactured and distributed by United. If for you sleep comfort is top then you should choose: very comfortable futon mattress, really comfortable futon mattress & super comfortable futon mattress

The Simmons mattress program is making it a contest by everyone and the public network community, by adding a band name to a non-brand category. The brand recognition that gives the genre has been widely recognized and welcomed.

United Sleep Products manufacture and delivery of mattress brand Simmons mattresses have a pocketed coil structure produced by Simmons and United sleep products, an independent bed manufacturer, and the two producers of the Futon program. The Futon program also provides a Simmons mattress and commercial frame.

According to Mr. Clark Gelbard, the vice president of mattresses for the United Sleep Products, the Simmons brand, brought a clear difference in comparison to other mattress types on the market thanks to the construction of pocketed bags distinct.

"In the industry, we are the only brand that uses the real name. And one item has been demonstrated by the customer that is the pocket coil Simmons "Gelbard explained. "By the quality as well as the excellent points the product brings that consumer has a lot of faith in the brand name. "

President of the New Energy Rooms, a competitive manufacturer of various types of bedding products including water mattresses, mattresses, and waterproof mattresses, says Les Watkins said: "according to the individual and the intention of the brand will succeed shortly.

Robert Naboicheck's Gold Bond mattress Co. And Gary Witherbee and Gary Cohen of Wolf Corp., both mattress producers, agree with Watkins and Gelbard and do the review that Simmons brand mattresses are good for the whole sector.

"The name Simmons is a trusted name, so the entire industry will achieve high confidence if the license is trustworthy," Witherbee, the sales representative for Wolf, said.

For the loss of market share to the brand Simmons, both Cohen and Witherbee were not feeling anxious. "We're not related to it." "We are a leadership position in the industry. And at present, the industry is still in development although it is still young. "

President of Gold Bond and president of Futon Association International said Naboichec said: "knowledge and beliefs of the consumer have also been tried and significantly increased. As a sector, we are bringing to customers what they want and are looking for this long, existing ears we are still growing strong and constantly perfecting the product to be able to satisfy both customers who are considered the most difficult.

Naboicheck said more "Simmons brand continues to bring trust to the whole sector. " In the opinion of Simmons, a part of its strategy to become the "complete bed resource" of the company that is more entree into the mattress catalog.


In addition to showcasing the redesigned BackCare collection and the Beautyrest product line in the October market, Simmons has also released its particular sleeping department, which is designed to include adjustable bed, mattresses, and air mattresses, as well as the EOS sleep system and sleep Logic.

"Futons are a lot of retailers as a chance to grow more than it is a resource mine to exploit," Craig Dorsher, general manager and vice president of Simmons Special Sleep Products. Currently there are many brands of futon, which can confuse you, read the following article: best futon brands on the market
Dorsher is more focused solely on the mattress as the original plan of Simmons for his mattress business. "However, through the time of development and change, the mattress has evolved to cover the entire mattress, casing and frame" Dorsher explained.

"From perspective and strategic perspective, they do not offer just part of what customers are looking for but also give customers more than the things they expect in a future product. "
At some specialty stores in the northeast, according to Gelbard, the sheath of Simmons and Gelbons are currently being produced and are on the floor. The frames for the program are in the process of entering. The Simmons mattress program based on the discussion in the October furniture market will be seen in some retail operations, after the import program is activated, according to Gelbard.

"Reception found at the market is a great thing. It's better than excellent, "Gelbard reported. "I can tell you that we have basic commitments from across the country, although I can not give any specific vendor name at this point because we are working with interior stores across the industry, mass merchants and finally some major retail outlets. "

"A lot of people are interested in the individual components of the product whereas some retailers are interested in our casing, mattress, and complete frame," Gelbard added.

The mattress is available in two styles: one is designed like a buffer and covers both the bed and the frame, and the other is a traditional mattress; The mattress-coated mattress is expected to be marketed to the market with fluctuations in approximately $49 to $149 in full, while $59 to $169 is full of the retail price for traditional casing types. Both style cover is available in 54 colors and 48 fabrics.

Besides, the program also offers four wooden frames made from the Argentine Maple wood in northern China Oak and the six-arm style with the inside metal frame of the arm and is made from oak wood.
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which router?

padlock ... ecure-mean

using an antivirus with sslscanning? ... or-message

FF 57.0.3 60bit

well, that build never existed ;)

but i can offer a current version -> firefox 62.0.3 64 bit

which is more secure that old and vulnerable v57 which is ofc already firefox quantum and tehre is NO difference to firefox 62.
please install the update for your and our security, thx.

anyhow installing the upgrade could resolve your ssl issue.


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What version of FF?

Try http: rather then https:.

Likely your router is old & isn't supporting newer security protocols, & FF is not falling back or no longer supports those older protocols...
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FWIW I have a 18 year old Linksys router. I can log in using

using FF62.0.3

FF 71.0 - FF 72b3 - FF 73a - TB 68.3 - Mac OSX 10.13.6
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luciarakan wrote:I have a new Windows 7 PC with FF 57.0.3 60bit running fine. The odd thing is, is that I cannot login to my router which has the regular router address To the left of the address bos is a padlock with a red diagonal line across it, clicking on it tells me the connection is not secure and below it is the message headed Permissions. and the message You have not granted this site any special permissions I am thus assuming that I need to grant it permission somewhere.

Do not assume. That is all just information. What happens when you try to log in? Error message??

Also why Firefox 57? That version is obsolete now.

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