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I came across this link which shows 6 ways to make ff faster which involves modding about:config. Should I apply these to my ff?
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Just clickbait Looks like a cut and paste job of a very very old disproved list of hacks some of those go back ten years and have since been made pointless by internal changes. So NO
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It's from 2010, so it won't be very relevant in 2018.
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3 things that could make Firefox faster:
If you aren't using an adblocker, use one, preferably Ublock Origin.
If you have an antivirus other than Windows defender, make sure it is not interfering with Firefox. Turn off web shield, and other steps may be needed. Or just switch.
If you are using any software that hooks into Firefox, you may see the symbol mentioned in this article: ... ox-57.html If you are seeing it, it could be slowing Firefox, instructions are in that link.
Beyond that, 2 other tips:
If you have Flash installed, pay attention to which sites you allow it on. You may be able to uninstall it depending on which games you play, most video no longer needs it.
On some computers, graphics hardware acceleration helps Firefox a lot. But on some, turning it on will slow everything down. You have to try both to see which is best.

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