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Hi there,
I have been working on mozilla spidermonkey build and unimrcp for my project. Here, the project uses old spidermonkey (mozjs-1.8.5) and now it is required to upgrade it to latest spidermonkey. I downloaded all the spidermonkey source code and tried building it, except for mozjs-59 rest all codes failed to build. So now when I use the 59th version of mozjs in unimrcp code I get around 60 unreferenced functions error(Note: These missing functions were present in mozjs-1.8.5). With no other option I updated the spidermonkey code by adding all those functions in the new source code and built the mozjs dll but even with this new dll i'm facing same issue.

I need to know about two things,
1. How to verify the mozjs dll is valid or not?
2. Is there any other way to upgrade the spidermonkey code to the latest one?

Need Help, thanks!

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