Is it possible to stop FF from asking me to update?

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And yes, i realize in options i can check "never check for updates" and i have that checked. But i still get a constant warning on a bar at the top of the browser asking me, and even when i X it out it only goes away temporarily then comes back. Can i remove it permanently in about: config maybe or some other way?

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Try Frank Lion's solution.

More info: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3041858&start=30


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Oh you mean they no longer include a Preference item to do that (much less a GUI for that) ;-).
In addition to those "old ways" (which are still relevant if you're using older FF), you might have to brush up on your "policies.json" skills :-).


(I believe there's an extension to help in that regard.)
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Frank Lion

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