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I am managing two different email accounts within thunderbird. One is a gmail account, and one corporative account. I got an html file to configure the signature of my corporative account. However, when I send an email with this account, the recipient gets the signature in plain text. The signature contains an image, but as I said, it gets messed up and so it is delivered as plain text. If I use this signature with my gmail account and send an email, then the signature is received well. What could be the reason for the signature to get missconfigured with the corporative account?

Thank you for any advice.


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Perhaps one account defaults to sending plain text and the other HTML. Look in the Composition & Addressing settings for the account. I've never tried it, but its possible that if you tell Thunderbird to add a HTML signature to a plain text message it will silently strip the HTML tags.

Another possibility is one recipient is using a email client that has the equivalent of View -> Message Body As -> Plain Text.

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