Can't set TB as the default mail and news client [Windows 7]

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Post Posted March 21st, 2019, 7:56 pm

Hi, it happened with the latest update (60.6): now every time I launch TB the system integration window pops with everything unchecked.
When trying to set things manually in the Advanced features of the Options panel, same thing: if I close and reopen, nothing is checked.
Clicking a mailto: link in Firefox is quite erratic, but won't open Thunderbird.
Any clue ? TIA

[Edit] Un- reinstalling it didn't fix it.
This is how it looks in the control panel: TB's not even an option.

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I suggest you don't try to set it manually, instead use the check now button in tools -> options -> advanced -> system integration in Thunderbird AFTER configuring Windows Live Mail not to make a similar check to see if its the default email client.

If that doesn't help or you have no reason to ever use windows live mail again try uninstalling Windows Live Essentials, selecting Windows Live Mail as one of the components you don't want anymore. Then try setting Thunderbird as the default email client again.

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