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I'm trying to open the Mailer with this option:

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SeaMonkey options
  -mail <URL>        Open the message specified by this URL.

This does work with 'seamonkey -mail /path/to/file.eml'.

BTW: Can't understand, why the ending has to been set on linux, instead of using simply 'magic' the normal unixoid way..

Tried to find out the correct file-url with the error-console, see:

The way explained there is to evaluate the following code:
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var hdr = top.opener.gFolderDisplay.selectedMessage; alert(hdr.folder.getUriForMsg(hdr));

This does work on Thunderbird, so I got the correct ulr of the specified Message in the form:
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..which unfortunately didn't work as parameter for 'seamonkey -mail'.

So this would be my first question, which is the correct syntax for opening the mailer-window by url?

Also, which is the code for the Seamonkey error-console for getting out a mail's url on the server?

If possible, I would prefer to use the Message-ID as parameter, which is more easy to get from the mail-header (something like Is this possible?

The background is, that I would like to work on the creation of several messages regular whithout allways clicking though the account's folders! Perhaps a desktop-starter...

thanx a lot!


For mutt this seems to be possible in the form:
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mutt -f "imaps://"
see how-can-i-check-mail-from-the-command-line
But didn't worked in this form for Seamonkey
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