Firefox: big problem of slowness after 3-4 minutes. help!!!

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Post Posted June 10th, 2019, 12:59 am

I'd like to continue using Firefox but I'm afraid that I have to change browser because I have a big problem of slowness. I've always had the same problem for months. I try to write it, hoping someone will give me advice. I dis some posts in other forum too but without solution.
I have the latest version of Firefox and when I browse on the Internet for 3-4 minutes Firefox works very well and then it becomes slow, even very slow until it can no longer open pages. I have ADSL fiber 200. Then I close Firefox and when I open it, Firefox is regenerated because it works perfectly for another 3-4 minutes but then in a day I have to close it 20-30 times.

I inform you that I have uninstalled it and installed it again. I have created a new profile. I deleted all the files in the cache, but I still have the same problem. Do you think I can solve or do I have to change browsers? Thank you


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Does it matter what sites you open?

If you open only, & browser around here - only, for 3-4 minutes, does the situation repeat itself?
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And how much memory does your system have?
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And your Anti Virus and or security software?
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Thanks for your replies. I solved my problem formatting. ;)


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You came here looking for help, but won't share your solution to help anybody else with the same problem?
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