Bounty for updating DL filelink add on

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Post Posted June 26th, 2019, 2:54 pm

This sums it up:

I believe the underlying add on code has been updated, but it needs work to the GUI

I am happy to discuss paying someone to update this to TB 60+ (and keep it as Open Source)

If I can't get this fixed that's the end of Thunderbird for us :-(

Been there since the start, but just about reached the end of the road.

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Can you please explain in a short paragraph what DL filelink is and why it's important ?

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Finally got back in after I found this thread... insane :-(


File link is an alternative to say WeTransfer/Hightail/Box etc using 'DL' DownLoad Ticket Service

It is extremely useful when you have slow uplinks and/or the sender or receiver has email attachment size limits to contend with.

It allows you to upload a file to a remote DL store and then put a link in the body of the email for the receiver. They can then click the link to download the attachment from your DL store.

In the event you are being asked to receive a large file, which your own provider may limit you receiving or the remote sender may be prevented from sending, you can send the remote sender an 'Upload Grant' which allows them to upload a file via a browser to your store, which in turn notifies you when the file is there and allows you to click and download via a link.

Due to GDPR etc etc we prefer to keep files on our own servers.

The plugin integrates all this into Thunderbird. Yes, we can manually add links via the DL frontend, but then you might as well just use a browser for your mail or another mail client.

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I fixed some bugs and adapted the upload code of the files so that the application can run with TB60.*, it works well.

Currently I am working on the compatibility of the module on TB68.*, I come here to ask for a little help.

If porting this extension to TB68.* Interesse someone you will find my modifications here:

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