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Is it possible to change the order in which accounts are processed when emails are downloaded?
Or, failing that, have the default account processed first?

The reason is: I have two profiles, each with several accounts; when switching between profiles, the accounts I use most frequently are processed last. It gets quite annoying watching Thunderbird inspecting the least used accounts first.
The order they are processed is different from the order in "Accounts Settings" and the "Get Messages" icon. The order is fixed, but seems quite random - I can't connect it with anything in pref.js. And googling hasn't helped.
Windows 10, POP3.


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Use the manually sort folders add-on at ... rs/?src=ss . It lets you change both folder and account order.

The released version on supports up to version 64. One of the Thunderbird developers has suggested that the code be included within Thunderbird in the next major version. Unclear if that will happen. However, mentions that it does support 68. The author appears to post development builds at

While changing the account order controls which ones are checked for new mail first, it tries to check for new mail in all accounts in parallel. So its possible for the last account to actually download mail first, if the others accounts mail servers are much slower.

If this doesn't help, consider replacing the POP accounts with IMAP accounts, if your email providers support that. IMAP accounts fetch mail from the server as needed to memory (rather than downloading all of the new mail to the hard disk) so they are much more responsive (if you have a broadband connection) since you don't have to wait for them to download all of the new mail to start reading a new message.

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