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My browser gets white and not responding and I close it - then I lost my session
I go here and see 4 files


And I tried to move every of this file to
and change it name to sessionstore.jsonlz4
But It didn't help.

Now I don't use Firefox because it's I'm afraid to destroy my backups, but I think they already are destroyed

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This website will list any websites it can find from those type of files. If trying a manual restore, the file should be copied with Firefox closed, and when running look in the history menu for "recently closed windows" also.

To prevent this in the future, if you right click a tab and select all tabs, then right click again and bookmark tabs, you can make bookmarks of all open tabs in a folder that can be opened with one click "open all in tabs." Ctrl-shift-D if you prefer the keyboard bookmarks all tabs. Or, you can use a batch file or backup utility to backup your firefox profile often, even daily. Some recommendations here- viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3040965 Or copy it yourself often.

Other than profile backups, there are extensions which provide alternate types of session saving and may be more reliable. Check their reviews there are many to choose from. One is ... n-manager/

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