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Gusar wrote:@smsmith, Here's my feedback: This new thing adds nothing but distracting and annoying visual fluff. ....

Now, if I wrote the above into a bugzilla comment, I seriously doubt the developers would respond to it in any way other than dismissal. So why bother. It's clear they'll go ahead with it, despite already having received more than enough negative feedback about it.

I don't think it will go away, but it can be improved. Many bug reports were filed with specific problems against the first version (several by me) and were addressed. Some of the problems I reported were fixed, and some were addressed by larger changes that made my issue irrelevant (and overall improved the feature).

Bug 1601320 (on the font size change) is much like your feedback, but listing specific issues. It wasn't dismissed but was tagged for UX review.

(I'm not saying I'm happy with the feature, I'm saying the developers are listening and the feature is much better than the first version because of user reports.)

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