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The top of the about:cache display, has "Private", "Anonymous", and "In Browser Element" checkboxes and a text field for an AppID. Can someone describe the meaning of these fields. I cannot find any documentation on them. This is just a question to satisfy my curiosity.

Thanks in advance.

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I've come to looking over these settings now and then never finding information about them. No line anywhere! So strange since they're just there in front of everybody's faces and are meaningful as you say: they change what we see.

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I think...

Private = Private browsing context
Anonymous = Anonymous loading context e.g. CORS crossorigin anonymous request
In Browser Element = Normal browsing context maybe

More info

There is one entries table for each distinct load context type. The distinction is based on following load context info states: <isPrivate|isAnon|inIsolatedMozBrowser> which builds a mapping key.



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Please....Check the date before posting next time.
This thread died in 2014.

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