Export the bookmark toolbar to another computer,how?

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Post Posted April 15th, 2020, 3:55 pm

I am lost. How can I first export the bookmarks and the bookmark toolbar to an html file or something ?

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Well, first you check the date of the previous posts in the thread so you don't reply to a topic that died 15 years ago.

Next you use menu path Bookmarks->Show all bookmarks->Import and Backup->Export. Or Bookmarks->Show all bookmarks->Import and Backup->Export to HTML.


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When Firefox imports an HTML-format bookmark export file, it may or may not slot the bookmarks back to their original location. You may find a new folder called Imported Bookmarks at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu with a toolbar subfolder, and need to drag/drop or cut/paste the ones that belong on the toolbar to the Bookmarks Toolbar. The best place to do bulk moves is the Library window opened by "Show All Bookmarks".

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What about using Firefox sync with both computers, perhaps on a one-time basis if not desired permanently?

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