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Dear all,
after a search on Thunderbird, Calendar and here (Seamonkey), I haven't found any solution, so here is my problem :
- in Seamonkey Lightning, when I create a new event, its confidentiality is automatically set up to "public"
- I would like to have *by default* all new events set up to "show only date and hour"
- this way, when I share a public link to my calendar, people can see when I am busy, but not on what I am busy :-)
I figure there is maybe an about:config file to tweak?
I am on windows 10, Seamonkey 2.49
Any help / thoughts appreciated
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Answering my own message.
Maybe I was not clear, since I am using Lightning in the French version.
- when I create a new event, its *privacy* is automatically set to "public", and I would like to establish as a privacy setting by default that all new events are "show only date and time"
I tried to play with about:config, I will continue doing so ;-)

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This is not a definitive answer but only what I have just now tried to do.

It appears that for each new event you can manually set the Privacy for either "Public Event", "Show Time and Date Only", or "Private Event". I was not able to find a way to change this Privacy setting to a default of "Show Time and Date Only".

I also could not find anything in "about:config" that resembled a default setting for Privacy related to calendar events.

So my guess is that the program was designed with the assumption of "Public Event" and that if someone wished to change it then that someone would need to do it manually for each event.


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Thank you for your answer, v_v
Indeed, I concur: for the time being, I also have not found a solution, except doing it manually for each event - which is not only cumbersome, but also leads to the possibility of forgetting - which means having some private data accessible to anyone with the public link.
I also concur: in the config editor, looking for keywords such as "event" or "privacy" or "calendar" does not yield anything that looks like this setting.
Any other contribution would be greatly appreciated!
I read (in numerous posts) that historically, events were put "private" (show only date and time) by default, BUT at the time, you could revert that.

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