Possibly scary issue(s) in the last TWO BETAs (NO REPRO NOW)

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Post Posted May 6th, 2022, 5:19 pm

First off, these are the May 1 *and* May 6 64-bit BETA Builds by Bill(tm), and secondly, there has been no obvious data loss.

BUT, I really get worried anytime anything looks odd when compacting the mail folders. :|

1) When shutting down the May 1 build, I did my normal "Empty Trash" followed by "Compact Folders"... this one gave the usual compacting Inbox message, and then never gave the "all done, you saved X MB" message at all.

Examining the process, it was clear it was not busy with anything, so I proceeded to do a normal shutdown, followed by backing up the [possibly questionable] profile, and uninstalling.

2) AFTER installing the May 6 build, I immediately told it to "Compact Folders" - and now it blanks the entire mail subjects pane, and gives NO status/progress messages... but just clicking in any of the other folders and back to Inbox brings the display back.

3) On the possibility that something had gotten messed up with the .MSF files - even with the previous build - I deleted all of them... but the new behavior is still present (blanked subjects pane, no status messages).

To re-state the important point here - there is NO obvious data loss - the message counts in the various folders are still apparently correct, the mail client seems overall to be functioning... but at the least, there is something going on with folder compaction *display* (during and after).

So that naturally enough worries me.

EDIT: as the edited subject line says, this has stopped reproing... after half a dozen times of the above-described behavior. Go figure. Not deleting post [yet] in case there actually is something connected to a recent fix/port.

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Post Posted May 7th, 2022, 3:33 am

There was not a single fix in the mail area in the recent patches. ... its/master

Angle WebGL library has been updated to the latest level and some js stuff which should not even cause a blimp. I am running this build all week and no problems so far. Just check compacting and it works for me. As usual I won't rule out a problem so if you have something reproducible lmk.

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Post Posted May 7th, 2022, 10:06 am

Thanks, f-r - I was quite annoyed when this issue seemed to disappear - but then, I realized the upside: no problems with compacting mail folders! :mrgreen:

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