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Does TB have a feature, or does it require a plug-in (and what is it called) that would allow scheduled deletion of emails (in a specific folder if that was required for the rule to work).

I have weeded through my mail folders, sorting by 'correspondent', I notice lots of mails such as newsletters and promotional or informational, I may or maynot read, can you create a 'list' of these particular correspondents, and apply the scheduled delete to them, say after a couple of weeks. I guess you could create a filtee to send them to a folder, and act on the folder such rules.

Any ideas be appreciated. Thanks


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You can use messaging aging to automatically delete a message after its older than X days. But that applies to all messages in that folder. If you want to specify some criteria a message filter would be your best bet.

I suggest you use a message filters to automatically move newsletters and promotional messages from the inbox to a few dedicated folders, and then set message aging for those folders.

FYI Thunderbird's plug-ins nowadays are called add-ons - they're extensions or themes. Old ones were XUL/XPCOM based. After version 78 they switched to using the WebExtension API. This is the same type of transition Firefox made earlier on.

Thunderbird used to support plug-ins for multimedia support such as Flash, SilverLight, Java etc. Starting with Thunderbird 52 all NPAPI plug-ins are disabled

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Found and implimented, thanks !

I thoughty my terminaology was suspect :)

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