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Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 12:59 am

How to upgrade from versions 1.0/ 1.0.1/ 1.0.2/ 1.0.3/ 1.0.4/ 1.0.5

1. Download Firefox 1.0.6

2. Recommended but not required: Back up your profile.

3. Install Firefox 1.0.6.

How to perform a clean installation
[A clean installation is only necessary if you had a version older than 1.0 or if you are having problems with Firefox]

1. Download Firefox 1.0.6

2. Create a backup of your Profile. You can simply copy everything to another folder on your hard drive (and this gives Firefox the ability to retrieve your prior settings, bookmarks, etc). If you have customized your search plugins, back them up too [they are in the installation directory, not in the profile].

3. Uninstall any previous version(s) of Firefox. In Windows use the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

4. Delete your existing profile. This link provides methods for locating your profile systems among the many operating systems Firefox supports. Delete all profile folders.

5. Install Firefox 1.0.6 with as little as possible running on your PC. You can reboot your PC so you have a fresh start and don't start any other work until you Install 1.0.6 successfully.

6. Before you open firefox, copy key settings back from your prior profiles. From your Backup Profile folder (created in step #2), copy over bookmarks.html, cookies.txt, hostperm.1, key3.db, signon.txt, formhistory.dat and user.js from your backup to your newly created profile.


> Getting the «7-Zip Unspecified Error» alert?
The file you downloaded is corrupt; delete it, clear the cache/temp directory and redownload.

> Cannot connect to the internet after installing Firefox 1.0.6?

Your firewall is most problably blocking it; reconfigure your firewall to grant Firefox internet access.
[Instructions for Norton Internet Security]
[Summary of Can't Connect/timeout Solutions]

What is new in Firefox 1.0.6?
Firefox release notes

Where can I find additional help?
For additional questions, post a new topic.
Firefox Support
Frequently Asked Support Questions
Firefox 1.0.5 - Installation Guidelines & Release notes
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Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 3:32 am

Hi I'm new to firefox and fairly new to the net, so please excuse ignorance! when I enter 'www' for a search the drop down menu gives me options, I have made a few mistakes in there, and there is a couple of places that I'd rather not be there for privacy reasons. How do I delete the unwanted addreses? please help!

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Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 5:49 am

select the url, and press Shift+delete

Negative Zero

Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 11:30 am

I downloaded Firefox for the first time today. I've looked around and I can't figure out how to solve this problem. I have Windows ME, if that helps at all.

I use dial-up AOL normally, but I'm dissatisfied with how it works. I was hoping that there was a way to use Firefox in place of AOL, or if nothing else, log into AOL and have Firefox use AOL's connection to get online. However, I don't have the slightest inkling of how to do this. I tried simply getting on AOL and then bringing up Firefox, but that didn't work. Everything I try to connect to (including times out without loading even a tiny part of the page.


Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 12:49 pm

I had 1.0.4 which was working fine. then all of a sudden i tried to open it and nothing happenned! I went to web site and noticed 1.0.5 was there,so i tried updating........still nothing! Then today i went to the site and found a new update again! I downloaded it,un-installed last version and installed new version.....still wont open!! Has any1 else had this problem???


Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 2:01 pm

sirath472 wrote:...Has any1 else had this problem???

Yes Sirath, I think they are many.

14.00PM: I happily discover that FF version 1.0.6 is out.
14.01PM: I happily download it.
14.05PM: nothing happens when I want to test the new baby.
14.15PM: I notice there are often multiple instances of FF in TaskManager, something that already occured when running 1.0.4 (I skipped 1.0.5, didn't see the red bell perhaps?), but this time it's on a much more regular basis.
14.20PM: the search has begun!
15.00PM-17.00PM: read about everything I could read in relation to my problems, also about Windows XP SP2, Norton Internet Security 2005 (Firewall!), *not* un/re-installing FF, making backups of Profiles, etc. etc. etc.
18.00PM: Someone actually advises people in the forums to delete (?!) part of the software (xpicleanup.dat; I only found xpicleanup.exe) ... .
19.00PM: the frustration grows. Number of reboots: about 15? (also to the fact that NIS crashes now and again when I want to tell it not to recognise FF yet).
19.30PM: Everything that could have been tried, has been tried. A last, emergency option is launched: a re-in-stall! Of Norton, not of Firefox.

19.40PM: problems solved. IE6.0 ánd FF are functioning perfectly well. Hoorah!

Beats me what went wrong.

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Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 2:11 pm

Posting anonymous creeps me out: apologies buth that last 'Guest' was me, didn't realise you had to log in at the bottom of the forum as well ... .
Best regards,


Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 3:57 pm

Negative Zero wrote:I downloaded Firefox for the first time today. I've looked around and I can't figure out how to solve this problem. I have Windows ME, if that helps at all.

I use dial-up AOL normally, but I'm dissatisfied with how it works. I was hoping that there was a way to use Firefox in place of AOL, or if nothing else, log into AOL and have Firefox use AOL's connection to get online. However, I don't have the slightest inkling of how to do this. I tried simply getting on AOL and then bringing up Firefox, but that didn't work. Everything I try to connect to (including times out without loading even a tiny part of the page.

Hi--first of all, let me express my condolences for having Windows Me....I have it too and if you can upgrade to XP, do it! I don't have the memory and can't afford it, or I would be on XP myself.
Millenium was the 'inbetweenie' of sorts from Windows 98SE to XP, as I understand it--something to give the folks while they were developing XP. Lucky me--and you--we got computers during that 'special' time! When I purchased it, I knew next to NOTHING about computers, so I didn't know the difference. And as AOL was free, I got that too to start out with. I bought an HP, too, but I won't go into that! ;-)

Back to topic, logging on to Firefox from AOL *should* be easy, just sign into AOL and then bring up Firefox.
You have to do it that way I'm afraid, unless you get broadband (not AOL's--another reason is that you have to sign on every time you wish to access AOL, and who wants to sign on all the time?! Plus its SO much faster and if you can afford it, a cable or DSL connection will amaze you.) I'll try to explain why, but knowing me it will take a while!

I think one reason you are having trouble (besides having AOL, or 'aoHell', as I like to refer to it!)
is that you need to understand that AOL is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)--meaning that it gives you *access* to different browsers like Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox (FF) when you logon (AOL has its own browser, but its not very good in my opinion) and FF is a browser--like IE.

There is no way you can get connected to IE or FF without going thru AOL, your ISP, (which likes to act like/take over your operating system and disallow anything it doesn't like--and I don't think it 'likes' FF--I seem to remember in the FF 'read-me' some special information for AOL users, you might want to check that, but personally, I'd just drop AOL!
I finally ridded myself of that beast and I'm SO happy!

There is no way to replace an ISP--which enables you to connect to a browser which will connect you to the internet--with a browser. AOL has its own browser, as I say, but you cannot connect to IE or FF without it.
You need an ISP first to *connect* to a browser like FF or IE, not the other way around, and you can't replace your way of connecting to the internet with a browser.
I know I'm repeating myself, but I want to make sure this makes sense to you.

*My* suggestion is to dump AOL and get a less-invasive and less memory-hogging ISP. If you like dialup or are on a tight budget and can't afford broadband, (don't get AOL's--my opinion--too expensive and not all that good) you may wish to try some of the new (and cheaper!) ISPs out there now, or move up to a faster connection--many ISPs are having great introductory offers now. You won't get all the bells and whistles AOL provides, but you may save money and in my book, anything is better than AOL!

Also, you will find AOL has spread itself alllll over your computer. I still have pieces (I just know it!) of 4.0 on my computer somewhere. If you do dump AOL, be SURE to do a search (Start menu>search for files and folders--be SURE to check 'advanced options' and put a checkmark in the 'search subfolders' box) and type in AOL, hit 'search', delete everything that pops up. Next, perform a search for 'America Online' in the same manner (no quotemarks.)
You'll be amazed at the results even after you uninstall AOL according to their directions.
Sneaky little beast!

Anyway, I think the problem you're having is you are seeing Firefox as a replacement for an ISP, which it is not. Its a replacement for Internet Explorer, (a browser,) and any browser needs an ISP to connect to. Here's a strange metaphor (but I'm a strange person lol!): Thinking you can connect to the internet through a browser alone is like thinking you have grandchildren when you have no children to have had grandchildren BY! :-D

Told you it was strange, but I think its a fairly good comparison. You can't connect to a browser without an internet connection, just like you can't have biological grandchildren without children of your own to have them with! The 'child' in this instance for you is AOL.
The browser is the grandchild! You can't have the second without the first. The browser is the 2nd step to getting online.

(And along with upgrading to XP, I'd consider changing from AOL quick, as you MAY have guessed! There are many sites that AOL will not access, perhaps this is another reason you are having problems connecting to Firefox, as I said earlier.)

Hope this helps--sorry this was so long, but I tend to explain things a bit too much sometimes!
I'm no tech, but I've done SO much work on this dang machine I might as well be!
However, AOL is a beast. I'm ALMOST positive most of the actual techs here will agree! Why do you think they give it away free?? ;-)

Good luck from Seattle! (And I warned you this would be long!!!) Hope this helped, long or short! :-D


Post Posted July 20th, 2005, 9:19 pm

I have tried multiple reloads and reboots - but to no avail.

When i go to open FF - my comp thinks about it for a sec and then crashes the app. I had a perfectly working version of FF - - - i think it was prior to the 1.0 releast, but i cant be sure. And then this consumer information thing started coming up = customer feedback or something like that. at any rate, I chose not to install that portion of things, and thats when i started having problems...

ok - try and install the new version. well - many many reinstallation attempts later - and I am still getting nothing but a crashing app.

Have run anti-vir, spybot S&D, removed the old version, including all registry entries that were obvious = and still nothing....

I love this browser to no end... especially the zoom image function (because i run at high screen rez) - and am PISSED that i have to resort to IE and its antiquated ways - - -

anyone have any thoughts???



Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 4:14 am

I also g0t the "7-ZIP Unspecified Error" message when I try to install the firefox exe. a number of times. I even sought out a copy od 7-Zip, still no go.

I had tried to un the download rather than saving to Desktop, but the download was still done via the Desktop resulting in the same error.

After looking at the suggestions from this site I tried a bit of a work around > I used M$ Explorer and was able to find a fix, instead of saving it to my computer then trying to install it, I just ran the download from the web and it installed on the second attempt (who knows what happened the 1 st try.


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Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 7:16 am

Guest and others,

ITA about AOL. I went through hell with them until I gave up and I will never go back. My issue had to do with wanting to use a newer version of IE instead of the one built into AOL, which is always antiquated. Basically, you have to keep AOL open, which is quite a large program (AOL intregrated with IE), while also opening another browser (in my case another version of IE, in your case FF). The problem seems to be that all of these open HUGE programs cause problems (especially on my old computer). One of my biggest problems was with printing trapped behind everything or just the browser freezing up. So that is the conceptual issue (large programs vying for space).

But as to FF not opening, I had that with an earlier version. I decided to wait for a 1.0 release, which now works fine for me (1.0.4). I think my problem had to do with my use of tabbrowser extensions. So when you do get FF in, don't add any extensions right away, so you can see if the problem is FF or the extensions (some are not compatible or just have problems).

Also I use Reg Cleaner to clean out my registry in these situations. It's freeware, but I'm not sure where I downloaded it ages ago. Maybe someone else knows. Maybe Nonags.

Keep at it.

Not an IT person, just a person with a computer.


Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 9:45 am

never a problem before now.since upgrading to 1.0.6. i have had nothing but problems especially with graphics and java. this is pissing me off!!!!

Bob Silvia

Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 1:50 pm

Anonymous wrote:never a problem before now.since upgrading to 1.0.6. i have had nothing but problems especially with graphics and java. this is pissing me off!!!!
Musty bundt flenz wid fliky budlikt. Pustrid flipoger bien griftd wid wein griundert. Myco loco fikker dien blistix. Trienderflak flomburp farfignuten.


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Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 3:17 pm

I agree, Bob.


Post Posted July 21st, 2005, 4:54 pm

Quick Question:

I currently have FF and Thunderbird 1.0.4 and both are running fine. Do I need to upgrade to 1.0.6 for both? And if I do, do I need to uninstall them first or can I just upgrade by downloading the installer and going from there? (I ask because on the "known issues" page I found the following--"Prior to installing Firefox 1.0.6, please ensure that the directory you've chosen to install into is clean and doesn't contain any previous Firefox installations"--and the directory the installer picks is the same one that my current version of FF is in.)

Thanks for the help.

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