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Post Posted August 30th, 2003, 7:12 am

raybirks wrote:I believe this is the first ThunderBird bug for this feature:

I recommend adding your e-mail address to the CC: list as a vote for this bug.

That's done :)
I added my email address
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Post Posted August 30th, 2003, 11:05 am

pookey wrote:I personally don't think identities should be tired to an incomming account atall.

Identities should contain (IMO):-
- E-Mail Address
- Name
- Reply-to
- Signature

I think you hit the nail on the head. This is exactly how it should be. And when replying to a mail it will default to the closest matching identity address: 1. check for exact match, if no exact match, match up the first identity with the matching


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Post Posted September 2nd, 2003, 2:56 am

I'm really interested in seeing this feature implemented. (I was about to post a new topic on this.)

I think what we're talking about here called "aliases". For each identity you could define a set of aliases (an identity defines the servers and other preferences) which then would be available from the drop-down list.

There are so many cases when it is a must. I have for instance multiple domain names and multiple aliases bound to my "real" email address, but for now I have to work this around by using fake mail servers. *aick*

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Post Posted September 3rd, 2003, 11:05 pm

Please, please, please, please, please! Like others, this is the only major feature keeping me tied to OE right now. I could switch to a non-free e-mail client, but I want to use Thunderbird. But I have a personal domain, and receive mail to many addresses at other domains, and being able to send mail with different from addresses is a must.

I'd like to be able to set some predefined choices, and be able to freely edit the From field as well.


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Post Posted September 4th, 2003, 1:53 am

So, what should the eager community do to have this feature built into TB? :)

Thunderbird is highly customisable through its extension system. It may don't even require a "key" programmer to work on it, but some clever fella who is familiar with the architecture and we'll all be happy for the rest of our lives.

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Post Posted September 4th, 2003, 7:15 am

With some research done. I found out this in prefs.js
I had 3 identities 1 = pop, 2 = localfolders and 3 = news. I added a 4. manually. like this.

1st account4=id4 and pointing to server1
user_pref("mail.account.account4.identities", "id4");
user_pref("mail.account.account4.server", "server1");

add account 4 to accounts
user_pref("mail.accountmanager.accounts", "account1,account2,account3,account4");

Some of these may not be neede, but seems to work with these.
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.doBcc", false);
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.draft_folder", "mailbox://me@pop.xxxx.yy/Drafts");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.drafts_folder_picker_mode", "0");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.fcc_folder", "mailbox://me@pop.xxxx.yy/Sent");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.fcc_folder_picker_mode", "0");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.fullName", "My Name");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.smtpServer", "smtp1");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.stationery_folder", "mailbox://me@pop.xxxx.yy/Templates");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.tmpl_folder_picker_mode", "0");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.useremail", "my1alias@xxxx.yyy");
user_pref("mail.identity.id4.valid", true);

Works for me. Now of course take normal "not responsible for anything and take backups etc." And ofcourse. This is propalbly only for those who know which lines are needed and what to put on the xxx and yy parts.

So just a method to mange these from program instead of using text editor...

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Post Posted September 5th, 2003, 9:21 am

Oiv, your solution works. Thanks for the tip.

I still prefer some nice interface and official support of alternate identities or the ability to overwrite the from address.

Till then I'll have to live with the prefs.js hack and hope that the developer add support for it in the next release.

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Post Posted September 5th, 2003, 10:16 am

Radiance wrote:Actually, the multiple identity feature is the only thing that is binding me to that awful Outlook Express.

Unbind yourself. While you are waiting for Tbird to improve, give Pegasus a try. It does multiple identities reasonably well.

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Post Posted January 10th, 2004, 6:46 pm

Is this feature available yet in Thunderbird 0.4 ? This discussions started in July 2003 ..... it is now January 2004 ..... 6-7 months later ..... what is the status ?

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Post Posted January 12th, 2004, 5:39 am

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