Reading Thunderbird emails from a java application

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<i>[I am cross-posting this same question on the <b>Third Party/Unofficial Builds</b> forum since I didn't know which one is the most appropriate. That post is here: ... 73#2256473 ]</i>

I want to write my own Java app to manage my time, and one of the things I want to do is have it be able to read some of my Thunderbird emails.

I looked around the websites and did some searching on the web, but I couldn't find a Java API to read Thunderbird emails. Any pointers or links to information that show me how to do that?

I know where the Thunderbird files live on my hard disk, but how can I access the emails I want? I know it must be possible since Google Desktop can index my email. But can I do it from a Java app?


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mscott and others from the beagle community talked about using a "thunderbird api" to read e-mails and also to open e-mails from other applications. This api is a mystery to me, I did not find anything about it.

I am from the project, we already adapted MSOutlook from Java and want to do the same now for Thunderbird, we have already written a MORK parser in Java (Gunnar Grimnes did, hell of a work).

you find the mork magic here: ... 0.9/demork

demork will help you much to get started with the addressbook!

My current info state is on the bottom of this page:

basically, I have seen that MAPI is supported.

So - please someone (mscott?) point us to the Thunderbird API and a possible way to use it to read e-mails and open them. If some python or c# bindings of that API are there, we might figure out how to do the java bit.

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