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Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.
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Frank Lion wrote:
Kilz wrote:...I have a sinking feeing this delay is so he can sabatoge the source code.

I don't know this other guy from Adam, but I see no reason for making this sort of speculative slur on a public forum, other than spitefulness.

You are coming across on this thread, quite frankly, as the last person on Earth who I would ever download anything from.

Just my £0.02.

Maybe it is spite. Maybe it is because all I have tried to do is help people running the 64bit version of Ubuntu. You see I am pretty involved in helping out on the 64bit section of Ubuntu. Linux(Ubuntu) and FOSS have given me so much I want to give back. The way I do it is help people with less knowledge than myself.
64bit Ubuntu isn't like some of the other 64bit distro's. Its based on Debian and is pure 64bit, it isn't multiarch. Well not in a automatic sense. You can manually install some things. One of the things that is missing was flash support in the browser. The browser that is in the repositories is 64bit and 32bit plugins don't work with it. There is no 32bit browser in the repositories. So I packaged 32bit firefox in a .deb file, and wrote an install script for the plugins.
When I found out about Swiftfox I thought great a foss project that has a build optimized for 64bit, its a perfect match. Only it didn't have a .deb file available. It was in a tarball. When I wrote on the forums asking what the requirements were to distribute Jason told me he didn't want it distributed. He was worried about his traffic and the google money. Well knowing its a foss project I looked at the licenses and found they didn't forbid distribution.
I wrote back saying that I should be able to distribute, and I was going to. That i had made a .deb file. All of a sudden the person tho didn't want to make installers not only had deb files available for the 64bit version, but every other one. Only he said I couldn't link to them or distribute them. Well being that I'm writing auto install scripts that wasn't of use to me. I didn't want to hotlink anyway. I had space available that had to bandwidth limits. I didn't want to cost the developer money for the downloads. I even linked to his site, wrote a credit readme for the artwork, and put the change log in my deb.
Next thing I know hes writing posts on my howto saying I'm a security risk and posting things to the forum mods to have my posts removed saying he is invoking a license he didn't even include in the binaries. That my .deb file is just a copy of his. He then starts with the pm's. Heck it isn't even my site, I'm not making anything from this, there are no google advertisements paying me.
All this is to stop the few people running the Ubuntu 64bit version who come across my howto buried in the howto forum from downloading a installer that happens to have code he compiled in it, firefox code at that. People who for the most part trust me because of all the other people I help.
Im going to bed, maybe when I wake up the code will be on his site. If not maybe someone in Mozilla will make him comply with the MPL.


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The source code is available online Kilz. Link is in the site footer. Per email from gerv I am able able to prevent anyone who builds the source from calling that build Swiftfox. Swiftfox is (tm) me. How stupid is it that someone has to go to these lengths? I would also appreciate it if you would stop making it seem like I am chasing ad money. That was a secondary issue and I made that clear in my discussion with you. I am not out of line for hoping the project would pay for its hosting and other fees. It is not like I charge anyone and I never have nor do I intend to. This whole argument is just plain stupid. Hopefully you will dispense with this hatred and try to get along. I am sure that is probably asking to much though.

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If you guys want to keep up the argument, take it to e-mail or the Swiftfox forum or something.

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