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Post Posted November 10th, 2003, 11:43 am

I would greatly appreciate if someone could share a way of sending links directly from the FB Mac OS X browser to a friend, colleague, etc. The "Send Link" button is present in other builds of FB as well as Camino and of course other browsers. This is a very helpful button to have on the toolbar and saves the time and effort of having to cut and paste.

Another note on FB for the Mac OS X is the new Pinstripe Theme. I like it, but would like to have the option of using the previous "Qute" theme. I prefered the Qute theme and it is no longer available on my browser or from the themes page. Please let me know if this is possible?

Please know I sincerley appreciate this browser and the work the the Dev Team is doing.


Post Posted November 10th, 2003, 12:53 pm

You know, I would love if the Qute theme was back up on FB Help's theme pages. It's so much easier just to download it there than uninstall every theme you have just to get it back.

You might want to search around google for it.

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