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Post Posted November 16th, 2003, 2:58 pm

i'm having some slight problems with firebird in that i have a themed version of xp running which combined with firebirds use of system colours leaves a lot of textareas unreadable.
this box i'm typing in now and the text area in google are two examples.
changing textarea in the user css doesn't have any effect but changing my theme does so i'm pretty sure it's to do with system colours.
thing is i really dont want to change my theme, the css edit extension is the only thing so far that i have found that opera doesnt have so if it comes to a choice i'll just stick with opera.

anyway i read here about altering the way that firebird treats system colours but i have had some trouble with editing the css files and js files already and have had to do a system restore twice so i'm a bit hesistant to do anything just yet. (though i guess system restore aint THAT much of a chore)
it doesn't really say how to enter the syntax, i assume it would be:
user_pref("ui.textBackground", rgb(xxx, xxx, xxx));

anyone know if that is right?
or if anyone knows where this is discussed in a bit more depth (i have searched the forums but couldn't find anything) i would appreciate it


Post Posted November 16th, 2003, 3:06 pm

well i took the obvious step and just gave that a go and it doesn't work

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