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Can anyone tell me how to specify an IPv6 link-local address in the URL in Firefox?

I know how to specify an IPv6 global scope address (within square brackets). But I don't know how to put the scope identifier on the link-local address (RFC4007). Using "%eth1" (the interface name) or "%3" (the interface index) after the link-local address, within the square brackets, does not seem to work.

An example using fake addresses: http://[fe80::2%eth1] never finds the server, whereas http://[3000::2] does work, and it's the same box I'm going to (just two different-scoped addresses).

It's not a connectivity problem, since "ping6 -I eth1 fe80::2" works just fine.
It's just a question of knowing how to specify the scope identifier.

If you happen to know for sure that Firefox doesn't support link-local addresses, I would appreciate knowing that instead so I can try to find another browser.



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Sorry, afraid I didn't make myself clear. My Firefox is on one machine, and I wish to use an IPv6 link-local address as the URL in the Goto box to connect to another machine. Nothing at all to do with local files.

I believe the link you sent me refers only to linking to files on the same machine? In IPv6 the link-local address is just another "interface" address for the host, difference from global address being that its scope is restricted to the local network.

Please reply again if I am mistaken about the information in the link you sent.

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OK, time for me to file a Firefox bug, I guess. Konqueror (KDE browser) works using an added zone id (scope identifier) with a % before it (you have to escape the % as %25 in the URL). Safari on the Macintosh also works using the same method. And I found a recommendation in RFC4007 that talks about adding the zone id.

So the answer is, Firefox SHOULD accept the following: http://[fe80::2%25eth0] and connect to the other box's web server, but it doesn't.

This is a Firefox bug.

What I'm wondering is, are there really no IPv6-knowledgeable people out there who could have answered my question?

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@kkerby, did you file a bug?
Faced with the problem myself


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Please check the date of previous posts before posting. I don't think kkerby is likely to respond as this thread died 12 years ago and that was the last time they posted on the forums.

Locking due to the age of the original posts.

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